Consumers are spending more and more time spending and interacting online, especially in smart phone devices. Not only marketing but also research needs to adapt by reaching through omni-channels: traditional, SMS message, online panel, etc. for sampling and collecting data.

With the fact of busy life among high income people, office worker combined with online interaction behavior of generation Z, the direct survey or booking meeting becomes difficult in execution and out-of-date.

When marketing campaigns use more digital channels to reach potential consumers, the evaluation of those campaigns also requires a similar recruiting and approach.

Traditional data collecting still brings some undeniable strength at the moment, however, there are definitely unavoidable impacts from weather, human resources or diseases.

Collecting data through omni-channel will help ensure the representative criteria of data to understand real consumer behaviors. In order to have a recruiting plan and suitable questionnaire design matching with each channel’s characteristics, not only resources but also understanding in each collecting channel are needed.


In baby wipes category, online panel is combined with focus group to create the data composite to answer the critical business questions:

  • Online panel: What is the penetration rate of the category? What are the triggers and barriers?
  • Focus group: Validate triggers and barriers. How to win as a late comer


“Thanks to omni-channel data collection, the representative criteria of data is maximized for not missing important consumer target. From that, the reliability is significantly increased.”